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1. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, if there is evidence of smoking in your room, you will incur a deep cleaning charge on your account.

2. No companion pets are allowed in the rooms or anywhere on the property, if there is evidence of the presence of a companion pet in your room, you will incur a deep cleaning fee on your account.

3. Children are not accepted in the property, the hotel does not have facilities to accommodate minors, therefore the minimum age to register or stay at the hotel is 18 years old.

4. Holding parties in the hotel facilities, be it your room or common areas, is not allowed, any evidence of having held a party in your room or common areas will incur a deep penalty charge on your account.

5. The hours of use of the common areas, including the pool is from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Outside these hours, guests should make as little noise as possible to avoid disturbing other guests, any report could incur a deep penalty charge on your account.

6. Access to the hotel facilities is not allowed to outsiders, any report could incur a deep penalty charge on your account.

7. When leaving your room, please turn off all electronic devices such as TV, air conditioning and other kitchen supplies.

8. Cleaning service for the rooms is not provided on daily basis, cleaning service is included once a week (if your stay is at least 7 days long). If you require cleaning service, it can be provided with an advance notification and a $150 MXN charge. 


1. The time of entry to the property begins at 3:00 p.m. and there is no access limit, since we have a check-in process and autonomous access. You must inform the system or a member of the Hotelito Yum Kaax team in advance of your estimated time of arrival, to coordinate your arrival properly.

 2. Upon receiving your booking and up to 8 days prior to your arrival, the expenses for the total of your stay will be applied to your credit or debit card used in the booking process, for details on cancellation, please refer to our cancellation policy.

3. Credit and debit card processing

   When registering your arrival, the issuing bank of your card will apply the retention of a deposit on your credit or debit card for room expenses,
   taxes, any applicable resort fees, and an incidental amount per day for the entire stay (which may vary depending on the

   b. The issuing bank will not cancel such withholding until five (5) business days after your departure.

   c. You hereby authorize us to retain this deposit on your credit or debit card to cover any expenses and, in case of not paying the total
   after your departure, you authorize us to charge your credit or debit card, or to use that deposit to pay off your debt.

4. We will do our best to accommodate your requests for a specific room type or location, however we cannot guarantee requests as rooms are not allocated until check-in. Additional charges may apply based on specific requests.

5. Because the maximum capacity allowed per room is 2 occupants per night, additional penalty charges may apply, per night, if the presence of more than 2 occupants per room is detected.

6. Regardless of the billing method or the provision of a master account, you are responsible for any and all charges assigned to your room (s). You are also responsible for all damage to the room (s) caused by you or your guests / guests during your stay.

7. If your plans require adjusting your departure date, check with a member of our team for room availability (or any other available), but keep in mind that your rate is subject to change. We would appreciate it if you inform a member of our team immediately if there are errors in the name, the rate or the length of the stay.

8. You agree that guests in your room are authorized by you to make room charges from anywhere in the hotel or on hotel premises, unless you inform a member of our team to the contrary.

9. By providing your email address, you consent to receive promotional emails from Hotelito Yum Kaax. For information about the privacy policy of Hotelito Yum Kaax, visit our website www.hotelitoyumkaax.com.

10. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we, other members of our group of companies, and third parties related to us, hereby expressly exclude all liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by a user. in connection with our site or with the use, inability to use or results of use of it, a digital key, including, without limitation, all liability for loss of income, business, profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings , information, goodwill and any other loss or damage of any kind, which has arisen in any way and has been caused either by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or any other reason, even if foreseeable .

11. If required by local law, we may ask you to manually sign a registration card and / or provide identification.

12. For your safety

   to. Lock the door whenever you are not in it.

   b. Take good care of and keep your key with you at all times.

   c. Make sure all windows and doors are closed.


1. The time to check out the room is until 11: 00hrs.

2. If you need to extend your departure, you can request a late departure with a member of our team, the hotel will do everything possible to meet your needs, but this possibility will be limited by the capacity that the hotel has each day, so we cannot guarantee it.

2. When leaving the room, please inform a member of our team by any of the means provided for this purpose and leave your key inside the room or give it to a member of the staff who is in the hotel at the time of your Exit.

3. When leaving your room you will have to leave all kitchen utensils clean and introduce the garbage generated during your stay in the bags designated for this purpose and in turn, deposit these bags in the garbage can that is outside room number 10, failure to comply with this rule could incur a deep penalty charge on your account.

4. When leaving your room, please turn off all electronic devices such as TV, air conditioning and other kitchen supplies.



At the touch points of your guest experience, we collect Personal Information in accordance with the law and to provide you with better service. Personal Information is the data that allows you to be individually identified or that is related to you as an identifiable person:

Postal address
Phone number
Email address
Credit and debit card number, or other payment information
Language preference
Date and place of birth
Nationality, passport, visa or other identification issued by government authorities
Important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions
Travel itinerary, travel group or activity information
Past stays or interactions as a guest, purchases of products or services, requests for special services and amenities
Identification of accounts in social networks, profile photo and other data available to the public, or data available when linking their social networks.

In more limited circumstances, we may also collect:

Information about their relatives and companions, names and ages.
Biometric data
Financial information
Images and video and audio data through: (a) security cameras in public areas, such as hallways and lobbies of our hotels, and (b) portable cameras of our loss prevention personnel and other security personnel.

We may also collect information about your Preferences that we use to make your experiences and stays with us more enjoyable, such as information about your interests and other relevant information obtained during your stay. This may also include your comments on what you like and dislike about our services, and your specific food or health restrictions to ensure your well-being. We may also collect your "Personal Preferences", which may include details about your special anniversaries (such as your birthday or wedding anniversary), what kinds of activities you prefer during your stays, and your hobbies. Personal Preferences can also include details about your frequent travel companions, your relationship with them, and your marital status.


Reservations and guest registration
Reception services and stays in the facilities
Hotelito Yum Kaax operations and general affairs
Response to emergencies and incidents
Legal compliance
Food and beverage services
Marketing and promotions.

There are a number of activities related to these purposes, such as: facilitating accommodation reservations, check-in and check-out; process payments, provide consistent and personalized service, advise on on-site services (based on past use or expressed preferences); provide concierge services; luggage storage; arranging services with third parties on behalf of guests (for example, coordinating excursions and other sightseeing tours, arranging taxi, shuttle and driver services, and facilitating restaurant and event reservations); manage and facilitate access to WiFi connection, television and other connectivity services; facilitate in-room food service (which includes respecting food or other restrictions expressed by the guest); provide laundry services; manage customer requests, inquiries and complaints; and determine if you are eligible to enjoy products and services with age restrictions (such as alcohol or adult entertainment in the room). As well as comply with legal processes; respond to requests from public and governmental authorities; comply with national security or police requirements; enforce our terms and conditions; protect our operations; protect the rights, privacy, security or property of Hotelito Yum Kaax, guests, visitors and other relevant persons, and allow us to seek available legal remedies and limit damages that Hotelito Yum Kaax may sustain.


   to. Upon registering your arrival, the bank
   Your card issuer will apply the
   holding a deposit on your card
   credit or debit for expenses
   room, taxes, any fees
   of applicable resort and an amount for
   incidental expenses per day during
   the entire stay (which may vary

   b. The issuing bank will not cancel said
   hold up to five (5) business days
   after your departure.

   c. You hereby authorize us to
   retain this deposit on your credit card
   credit or debit to cover any
   expense and, in case of not paying the total
   after your departure, you authorize us to
   charge your credit or debit card, or
   to use said deposit to pay your


1. Cancellation of your reservation is possible as long as the following two cases are met.

   a) The reserved rate offers this
   b) Cancellation occurs with at least 8
   days before your date of

In case of not meeting these criteria, 100% of the cost of your stay will be withheld from your credit card.